£1,650,000 Guide Price

Poole Road, , London

  • Electromagnetic Shielded
  • Close to Victoria Park
  • High Specification
  • Contemporary and Elegant
  • personalisation available
  • Close to Stations
  • Unique Home
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A rare and unique opportunity to purchase and have input on this stunning town house in this popular position. The property will be fully refurbished and fitted out to offer electromagnetic field shielding throughout offering amazing health benefits, electromagnetic shielding is the practice of surrounding electronics and cables with conductive or magnetic materials to guard against incoming or outgoing emissions of electromagnetic frequencies. In recent years, environmental exposure to man-made sources of EMFs has risen constantly, driven by demand for electricity, increasingly more specialized wireless technologies, and changes in the organization of society; whereas the end effect is that every individual is now being exposed to a complex mixture of electric and magnetic fields of different frequencies, at home.

The Home

Why ?

At least five epidemiological studies have linked the presence of mobile phone masts, wi fi networks, electrical consumer products and other items with the significant health deterioration to include, increase of cancer, insomnia, headaches, inability to concentrate, memory loss, vision and hearing disorders, nausea, irritability, skin, cardiovascular and mobility problems. EM Shielding has been proven to help protect from this.

The Concept

Smart Studios specialise in creating Healthier Homes focused on only the best sleep quality, to boost your performance and allow regeneration.

The basis of this concept derives from our extensive research into radiation free living and the importance of light and air quality for health and longevity.

This is achieved through considering human biology throughout every phase of the design and build. From the materials we use to the consideration in the placement of utilities to ensure that EMF will not interfere with your health.

At Smart Studios, we believe environment is key, and none more so than the environment we’re exposed to during sleep. From specialist shielding glass, paint, fabric and cabling, we can deliver high speed broadband throughout the home, creating an electrosmog free space where your body can truly rest and recuperate.

Smart Studios: We have ancestral living at the heart of our ethos. So relax and have a healthy sleep.

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Optimal health upgrades include:

1. FP200 shielded cabling (Data protected cabling: Reducing radiation exposure in the low frequency ranges)
2. EMF shielded paint to block incoming sources of electrosmog such as your neighbours WiFi, smart meters and mobile phone masts
3. Gas appliances: Avoiding EMF from microwaves, electric cookers and induction hobs
4. Sky lights in en suites: avoiding the need for artificial light in otherwise ‘window-less’ areas.
5. Incandescent bulbs: the healthier choice of bulbs to minimise melatonin loss from artificial light
6. Log burners: reducing the reliance on central heating
7. Environ-vent extraction units: for constant airflow recycling
8. Multi-room ‘wired’ stereo sound systems: reducing the need for wireless systems and the electro-smog they omit, whilst keeping you up to date with audio.
9. Powerline cabling: Allowing wired broadband to be used throughout the home so that you can use your smart devices without the need for WiFi
10. Red lighting: reducing exposure to melatonin zapping blue artificial light.
11. Salt lamps: ionising bedroom air to improve quality
12. Shield Meshed walls: Creating bedroom faraday cages and shield against neighbours WiFi and electro-smog
13. Blue light Iris filters on screens
14. EMF shielded curtains: Maintaining character of Victorian Sash’s where necessary
15. Geopathic stress surveys carried out to optimise planning down to the detail of furniture placement. Where necessary we place mitigating ground Matt’s.
16. Substitutions or mitigation’s for all modern wireless products. Contact us for further details on this.
17. Smart Studios unique shielded broadband delivery
18. Free Oura ring for every household member to test and measure sleep improvement
19. Shielded ‘Tech draw’ for storing mobile devices
20. Messed mansard roof to ‘future proof’ possible satellite delivery of 5G
21. Wired security systems with zero EMF radio frequency output
22. Reverse osmosis water filter
23. Automatic (PIR) extractor fans: Reducing the blue light exposure whilst maintaining airflow in moist areas (not light activated)
24. Strategically placed electromagnetic devices such as washing machines, Cookers, Fridges and tumble dryers, away from living areas.

Further Information

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Poole Road, a much requested location among those with growing families as it lies just moments from Cassland Gardens, Well Street Common, and Victoria Park, the local shops and amenities on Well street are just a short stroll away. A host of transport links giving swift City, Docklands and West End access are close by and an excellent choice of outstanding primary and secondary schools.