How do I keep my tenant happy?

By Jonathan Bailey

Depending on the relationship you have with your tenant, keeping them happy and therefore willing to stay put for a long time can be tricky or a walk in the park.

The ideal scenario for any landlord and tenant is built around ‘give and take’.  This doesn’t just mean ‘you give me the rent and I’ll take it’!  It means making sure, from a landlords perspective, that your tenant is not given reason to look for another property. 

Your tenant may be demanding and so you will be busy doing all that is necessary without overspending.  In this case a landlord has to be firm and explain why certain repairs are less necessary than others or which are the ones that the tenant is responsible for.  If you are not firm then the tenant will take advantage at every step and then the let is neither profitable or a good experience.  Demanding tenants can be very good for a landlord in that they will be expected to practice what they preach and look after the property to the standards they expect of you.

On the other hand your tenant may be quite the opposite.  That does not mean that you should take them for granted of course.  They may well just be playing the game and keeping the property in the ‘tenant-like’ manner that law requires.

In my experience, unless you use an agent, landlords don’t do enough regular inspections.  Agents will generally inspect every 3 to 6 months and this is good for both parties and ensures peace of mind for the landlord.  Those landlords who do not use an agent have the onus on them to carry out this task.  A lot of landlords think that if they don’t hear from their tenant then that is good and they won’t bother them either however by taking this attitude you run the risk of the property not being looked after, extensive and unnecessary damage being done and potentially enormous bills at a later stage to put right what you could have done had you seen the issues sooner.

Keeping your tenant happy is not difficult but involves a bit of effort and that good old ‘give and take’.
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